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Frequently Asked Questions About NasalCEASE® and BleedCEASE® Are Listed Below.

We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about NasalCEASE and BleedCEASE.
Hopefully the answers will save you time in understanding the features, benefits and uses of the products.
We have also provided answers to how you can purchase the products.
If you have any other questions please call # 1-800-650-6673 or email [email protected].

What is NasalCEASE®?

NasalCEASE is the easy way to stop bleeding, both minor nosebleeds and bleeding from minor topical cuts. It is a safe and natural based polymer called calcium alginate. NasalCEASE stops bleeding quickly and conveniently, reducing the embarrassment and allowing you to quickly return to what you were doing.

NasalCEASE is the most consumer friendly stop bleeding product on the market. It is the # 1 doctor recommended product for stopping nosebleeds.

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What is BleedCEASE®?

BleedCEASE is the exact same quality product as NasalCEASE. BleedCEASE is packaged in economy packs of 25 and 100 sterile packs, value priced at one-third the per application cost of NaalCEASE. BleedCEASE is the ideal product for sufferers with chronic bleeding. Now everyone can afford a quality stop bleeding product using BleedCEASE!

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How do NasalCEASE® and BleedCEASE® stop nosebleeds?

As soon as you sense the start of a nosebleed, the packing is easily inserted all the way into the nasal cavity. It is inserted so it is flush with the base of the nose, leaving nothing hanging out of the nasal cavity. This is important as you want to make sure the product makes good contact with the break in the vessel wall.

NasalCEASE has three key advantages for stopping nosebleeds:

  1. NasalCEASE releases calcium, a clotting factor, when in contact with blood, stopping bleeding quickly.
  2. NasalCEASE fiber is highly absorbent. The fiber continues to absorb the blood during the nosebleed, allowing a quick return to what  you were doing.
  3. When removing from the nasal cavity, the product doesn’t stick to or tear new clots. As a result, there are no rebleeds. Tearing of new clots causing rebleeds is common with other products you might use to stop a nosebleed.

The product is easily removed after 30 minutes.

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Do NasalCEASE® and BleedCEASE® work for all nosebleeds?

Ninety + percent of all nosebleeds are what are called anterior nosebleeds. These are nosebleeds occurring in the lower part of the nasal cavity. NasalCEASE and BleedCEASE are approved for all minor anterior nosebleeds.

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Do NasalCEASE® and BleedCEASE® work to stop bleeding from topical wounds?

We all experience topical bleeding from cuts and wounds that doesn’t quickly stop with simple adhesive bandages. NasalCEASE and BleedCEASE conveniently stop bleeding from minor wounds that typically bleeds through multiple adhesive bandages.

The same product attributes that stop nosebleeds work to stop bleeding from cuts:

  1. The product releases calcium, a clotting agent, when in contact with blood to stop bleeding quickly.
  2. The product fiber is highly absorbent, preventing bleed throughs.
  3. When removing, the product doesn’t stick to and disturb the wound.

When using on a bleeding cut simply place the product on the bleeding wound and apply pressure with two fingers on the product for one minute or until bleeding stops. You can then either cover the product with an adhesive bandage or remove the product and place an adhesive bandage directly on the cut.

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Why should I use NasalCEASE® or BleedCEASE® versus less expensive alternatives such as tissues, gauze, etc.?

Recurring bleeding problems can happen anywhere, anytime. Such bleeding is messy, embarrassing, often difficult to stop and clearly can have a negative impact on your lifestyle. NasalCEASE and BleedCEASE are easy to use, work quickly and are much more discreet. Tissues, gauze, cotton balls, etc. have no hemostatic action and as a result do nothing. NasalCEASE and BleedCEASE allow you to more quickly return to what you were doing

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Are NasalCEASE® and BleedCEASE® FDA cleared?

NasalCEASE was originally FDA cleared for minor nosebleeds in 2004. The clearance was expanded to include minor topical bleeding in 2011 and the trademark BleedCEASE was subsequently added.

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Do NasalCEASE® and BleedCEASE® have side effects?

The origin of NasalCEASE and BleedCEASE is 100% natural. As such there are no side effects.

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Can I use NasalCEASE® and BleedCEASE® during pregnancy?

Absolutely! Nosebleeds are a common problem during pregnancy as the blood flow increases bringing more oxygen to keep the placenta healthy. The blood flow increases 30% to 50%, particularly during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. There are approximately 4 million full-term pregnancies annually in the US. One in five pregnant women experience nosebleeds versus one in sixteen non pregnant women.

Quickly and conveniently solving one more problem during pregnancy is what women want. More ObGyn's in the US are recommending NasalCEASE and BleedCEASE to their patients.

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How can NasalCEASE® and BleedCEASE® help with nosebleeds and cuts I experience playing sports?

The key benefit when playing competitive sports is being able to get back into the game faster. In sports like wrestling, participants are allocated a limited amount of blood-time during a match, after exceeding results in disqualification.

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My child experiences recurring nosebleeds. Will our school nurse be aware of NasalCEASE® or BleedCEASE®?

We are working to increase awareness among school nurses. The best thing would be for you to contact the school nurses directly and make sure they are aware. You may also want to leave some product with them for use with your child.

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Why hasn’t my doctor informed me about using NasalCEASE® and BleedCEASE®?

We have focused are awareness programs with Ear, Nose and Throat doctors and Allergists. Many Primary Care doctors and other specialties are not familiar with the products. You can help by bringing the products to your doctor's attention.

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Where can I purchase NasalCEASE and BleedCEASE?

While NasalCEASE and BleedCEASE are not currently stocked on the shelves of the large chain stores, you have several options for purchasing the products. These options include:
> purchasing direct from us on this website or by calling toll free 1-800-650-6673
> Purchasing from several stocking pharmacies listed on our website by state, city and street address (Purchase > Locate a Pharmacy)
> Ordering from several online sites
> Ordering from chain pharmacy counters for next day pick up

Go to Order Online or Locate a Pharmacy or Purchase from 3rd party sites or Order from large chains.

Are NasalCEASEand BleedCEASE available in Canada?

NasalCEASE is currently available in Canada through our distribution partner Health Products Inc. (HPI). Contact HPI by calling 1-877-514-3132 or emailing [email protected] to learn how you can get NasalCEASE.
Click on Canada for more information.

BleedCEASE is currently not available in Canada..

Can I try a NasalCEASE or BleedCEASE sample pack?

Yes you can request a NasalCEASE or a BleedCEASE sample pack by clicking on Request a NasalCEASE and BleedCEASE Trial Sample or by calling toll free 1-800-650-6673.

Can Healthcare Providers (such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and athletic trainers) request NasalCEASE and BleedCEASE information?

Yes, Click on Healthcare Providers for information.

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