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NasalCEASE® Combines Efficacy and Ease of Use
To be the Most Consumer Friendly Stop Bleeding Product
Allowing the User to Quickly Return to What They Were Doing

Sufferers with bleeding, both nosebleeds and topical bleeding want two things:

  • They want the obvious which is stopping the bleeding quickly.
  • They want a product that is fast and easy to use and reduces the embarrassment of the event, particularly when occurring outside the privacy of the home.
NasalCEASE delivers on both, allowing the sufferer to quickly return to what they were doing!

For Nosebleeds*

  • Lean forward and gently blow nose to clear any clots
  • Tear open a NasalCEASE sterile pack
  • Twist or fold the packing for easy insertion
  • Insert the packing all the way into the nasal cavity as pictured
  • If needed, moisten NasalCEASE with saline solution (NaCl at 0.9%) for easier insertion into small nasal cavities
  • Keep packing whole for insertion – do not cut or pull apart
  • Remove within 30 minutes by pinching between thumb and forefinger
  • If bleeding continues after removal, insert a second packing for another 30 minutes
  • If you leave NasalCEASE in overnight, moisten it with saline solution (NaCl at 0.9%) before removal

* NasalCEASE for nosebleeds is not FDA cleared for use by children twelve and under.

For Topical Bleeding**

  • Clean cut with soap and water or rinse with saline solution (NaCl at 0.9%)
  • Tear open a NasalCEASE sterile pack
  • Depending on size of cut and amount of bleeding:
    – Use the entire NasalCEASE to cover the wound
    – Fold NasalCEASE in half and cover the wound
  • Apply pressure with fingers to the covered wound for one minute or until bleeding stops before removing
  • When bleeding stops you can either remove the packing and cover with an adhesive bandage or leave NasalCEASE
    in place and cover with an adhesive bandage

  • Do not leave in place for more than 24 hours.

** NasalCEASE for topical bleeding is FDA cleared for all ages. See package insert for complete information.

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