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Roberta from Oak Park, IL no longer worries about nosebleeds when planning a vacation!

Story of the month

With NasalCEASE I no longer worry about my vacations being interrupted due to nosebleeds…

"Ah, my long awaited trip to Jamaica was finally here. It was Thursday and with great happiness, I entered the Air Jamaica plane. After crossing the threshold, I felt something dribbling down my nose. It was blood! I had had a nosebleed the night before and now I was having another. I asked the flight attendant for some ice. I applied pressure, but it took almost fifteen minutes to stop. The flight attendants were very anxious and soon I was approached by ground personnel from Air Jamaica. One of them told me very kindly that they were sorry but I would have to leave the plane. They indicated the pilot had notified them that he would not have me on the plane in my condition. I protested and informed them that my nosebleed had already stopped. They informed me it was the pilot's decision and I would have to leave."

"It was two lost vacation days before my flight was rescheduled. In the meantime on Friday I went to see an Ear Nose & Throat doctor, who recommended NasalCEASE. That night I had another nosebleed, which NasalCEASE stopped within a couple of minutes. Oh, if I only had NasalCEASE two days earlier. I would have quickly stopped my nosebleed with NasalCEASE, without alerting the flight attendants. With NasalCEASE I would have been on the Thursday flight to Jamaica without issue. Now I never go anywhere without carrying NasalCEASE in my purse. Since I discovered it, I am telling everyone to have it in their first-aid kits, including the airlines."

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